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Our voicemail and telephone services are built to support a variety of independent entertainment business professionals. Find out why we are the best with coaching, fee schedules and incentive programs appropriate for businesses of all sizes from small to large.

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Over our tenure as one of the top providers of phone and voicemail systems for both small businesses and large call centers, we have established ourselves as an industry leader due to our reliability, great customer service and technological prowess.

  • All you have to do to find out how using TeleMainia® can benefit you and your independent entertainment business is to contact us, and get a quote for your needs. You can see we offer many different packages for businesses of different sizes, and if you don’t see one that suits you, just ask! We are happy to work with any business who can use our services.
  • The thing that sets us apart, besides our immaculate use of interactive voice technology is that we also offer our clients, who are independent entertainment businesses, coaching, marketing resources, branding assistance and even competitive business analysis with their greatest competitors. Our coaching can be done for just one person or a whole team of call center professionals, depending on your needs.

Customer Reviews

The excellent voice messaging features of TeleMainia® mean I can grow my business quickly. They gave me training so I could use the services easily!
Sue Taylor, MA
TeleMainia® has the perfect features and price combination that I look for in a service for my entertainment business. It truly makes things easy because the tech aspect is all taken care of!
Bob Thompson, CA
If I would ever recommend a great interactive voice response service, it would be TeleMainia® and it’s incredible customer service.
Tony Anders, KY